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Mission & Vision


We provide premium executive search and recruitment services to clients globally with best-fit candidates while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and engagement with a personalised touch.


The preferred firm for premium executive search and recruitment services globally


A – Achieve Results
Our passion is talent acquisition. This translates into strong partnerships with our global clients to achieve their desired talent acquisition needs while maintaining consistent quality in every aspect of our work.

R – Resourcefulness
In today’s escalating war for talent, conventional talent search methods no longer suffice. This presents an opportunity to challenge conventional search methods, to think outside the box and push the envelope with maintaining the highest level of perseverance in our search work.

T – Trusted Partners
As talent acquisition specialists working with Global and Fortune 500s, we have built a reputation based on reliability, professionalism and results. We adopt a consultative approach backed by decades of business and human capital specialized knowledge and experience. This enables us to value-add to our clients as their trusted talent acquisition partner.

E – Experts in what we do
Talent acquisition at the upper echelons of management and leadership requires a more complex, delicate and professional approach. We treat each assignment, client and candidate with utmost respect and professionalism. As experts in talent acquisition, we constantly review and refine our approach, staying relevant and striving to be ahead of the curve.

M – Making a Difference
At Artemis, we take the view that a successful partnership is more than just an one-off assignment. We believe in partnering our clients from a strategic talent acquisition perspective, complimenting their talent acquisition plans to achieve desired business objectives. At Artemis, we are more than just recruiters. We are true business partners.

I – Integrity & Ethical
As stayers in the talent acquisition landscape, we understand the importance of having integrity and being ethical in our work. We have built a reputation of being honest, professional and of the highest quality & service standards in our work. We continue to review and improve how we conduct our services to serve our clients with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

S – Service Excellence
Over the past decades, we realize that the key to service excellence lies not just in quality work, but quality work with speed and a high level of client engagement. Regular and constant engagement with our clients is paramount to an effective vendor-client working relationship. The Artemis talent acquisition consultant serves as an extended arm of our clients’ talent acquisition needs, always there, always ready.