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At Artemis, we leverage on our extensive experience as well as networks of industry specialist, thus specializing in an array of industries.

Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

As the senior talent pool continues to shrink, talent acquisition faces massive challenge amidst the War for Talent. In Artemis, we bring about industry commercial operations and applications specializations into the talent acquisition sphere to ensure intimate understanding of the industry and strong networks to meet your talent needs.

Information Technology & Telecommunication

With 83% of CEOs in this industry feeling that their workforce and leaders do not have the relevant skill sets current to their sector, Artemis seeks to bring you the best talents via our strong Tech Industry Talent Network and also our efforts to stay at the forefront of technological sector developments to ensure effective and efficient talent acquisition.

Supply Chain & Logistics

While the industry undergoes rapid growth in complexity and risk, the aging workforce has contributed largely to a workforce crunch and succession planning challenges. Headquartered in Singapore – one of the world’s largest port and trading hub, Artemis is able to stay ahead of the talent acquisition curve.

Oil & Gas, Offshore & Marine, Petrochemicals

Beyond a serious shortage of fresh talents amidst the War for Talent, the industry faces compounded challenge with the dynamic nature of industry cycles. In Artemis, we adopt a dynamic and proactive approach in our efforts to talent acquisition

Real Estate

The real estate industry faces difficulties in filling positions considering the need for exceptional talents who have strong experience, outstanding communication and project management skills while dealing with multiple channels. In Artemis, we adopt a High-Touch Approach to stay closely engaged to talent and organisations in the industry

Banking and Finance

With major transformations and increased regulatory pressures, the challenge to find talent with right expertise to build a qualified workforce has never been higher. In Artemis, we tap on our in-depth industry knowledge backed with strong consultant network to acquire the right talent.