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Onboarding Coaching

Onboarding Coaching

Our experience partnering Global and Fortune 500 MNCs reveal that they often find their newly hired executives not living up to their expectations. Research shows that 46% of new executives fail within their first 18 months and 89% of that is due to poor acculturation.

Given today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, organizations cannot afford to wait for months until their new hires have achieved full productivity. There is an urgent need for new hires to start performing on their new roles quickly where the organization can then draw onto the experience, knowledge and skills of their new hire.

Many organizations fail to realise that in addition to hiring someone who is a good fit in terms of skills and experience, it is also critical to ensure that the newly hired executive is able to succesfully accilmatize to the organization culture to avoid failing in the early stages.

Our onboarding coaching services assist new executives as well as senior executives who are promoted from within the organization to quickly accilmatize to their new role and/or environment and start providing significant value-add to the organization.

They are tremendous benefits to be reaped from onboarding coaching including:

  • Increasing the success rate of newly hired executives by enabling new executives or leaders to fully understand the organizational dynamics and develop a transition strategy
  • Eliminate extra costs and time incurred for an executive replacement hire
  • Complement the organization’s “Employer of Choice” brand initiative by placing emphasis on partnering leaders and managers to succeed in new role transitions.

The Artemis Difference

  • Experts in Transition

    Through our partner firm Calent3, we ahave partnered thousands of indiviudals in performance, leadership and career transition coaching. Calent3 coaches bring with them in excess of 200 years of coaching experience combined plus strong experience in a wide array of industries.

  • Consistent Quality & Service Levels

    To ensure consistent quality and service levels, Calent3 coaches undergo a structured and stringent accreditation program before they are able to deliver any of Calent3’s coaching programs. Working closely with the relevant Artemis account manager, we ensure there is a seamless partnership in providing high-impact coaching to our clients’s leaders and executives.

  • Passion is Everything

    While there may be some coaching firms who promise great results from their coaching services, coachees who embark on the program often find themselves going through a program that is impersonal, rushed and where the coach is essentially “going through the motions”.

    Calent3’s coaches are carefully selected based on their management & leadership experience, prior training & coaching experience as well as their attitude and passion for coaching. Coupled with a stringent accreditation process, this help ensures that the coachee receives the highest quality level of coaching and that the coaching experience is a personal and passionate one. Passion is everything.

Did you know?
  • 40% of new senior executives or key employees who are promoted tends to fail within the first 18 months. 89% of the failure are due to poor acculturation
  • Average cost of a failed senior executive level hire is US$2.7mil
  • Failure rate decreases to 10% after an on-boarding program has been introduced
  • 91% of executives are rated good or excellent after completing an on-boarding program
  • 64% of executives had a better chance of staying in the role after attending an on-boarding program