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Leadership Assessment

Poor leadership cost organizations million of dollars each year by negatively influencing employee retention, customer satisfaction and overall employee productivity. Two third of those in leadership positions tend to fail because of the inability to  build and maintain a team.

This leads us one of the foremost challenges faced by organizations today; assessing and developing leaders. Evaluating and assessing hidden leadership potential in new candidates and even existing employees could be seen as a difficult task and is often ignored. Most organizations settle with an overly-simplistic approach where managers pick their successors and start preparing them for succession. Very often, they embark on a successor development initiative that is unstructured and without proper assessment and development support.

It is unsurprising therefore that managers often find their successor struggling to cope with an increased level of responsibility and accountability, leading to a decrease in performance. It may thus be misperceived that the individual lacks the ability to take on a larger role and dropped from the succession plan.

Leadership derailment could be avoided through a structured leadership assessment process; accurately identifying the desired leadership and functional competencies, current individual competencies level, resultant gaps and a high-impact development plan.

The Artemis Difference

We believe that all development starts with self-awareness

While many organizations invest in leadership training and development, too few of them take the all important step of assessing leadership gaps. This results in a wastage of financial resources, time and productivity as leaders receive training in areas that may not be the most critical for them to further develop their leadership skills.

Part of a Total Human Capital Solutions Group and Worldwide Partners

While talent acquisition is our expertise, we are also part of a total human capital solutions group and partnered with global human capital solutions and technology partners. Working with our stratgic partner firm Calent3, we provide customzied leadership & workforce assessment solutions including candidate assessment and profiling, leadership & management competencies profiling plus competency assessment in a myriad of other functional areas including:

  • Leadership Management
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Team

Did you know?

  • 52% of HR leaders identified “developing leaders” as one of the biggest challenge faced.
  • 50% of employees being led by poor leaders have thoughts of quitting  as compared to 15% of those who are led by top leaders.
  • Employee satisfaction is at an average of 75% when being led by competent leaders as opposed to 25% when being led by bad leaders.