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Human Resource

Human Resource

Ever wonder how the human resource function contributes to the sustainability of the organization? Research shows that  80% of business leaders feel that their organization lack the relevant  HR best practices and talent management initiatives to be employers of choice. Given  today’s increasing war for talent where human capital is the most valuable asset in organizations, having strategically aligned human capital strategies are all the more critical for organizatioanal success and sustainability. Survey findings as of 2012 reveal that there are still more than 78% of employers operating without a fully implemented workforce strategy.

We recognize the challenges  faced when hiring for HR positions; more so for strategic HR business leaders. Our engagement with the HR fraternity over the years show that less than 20% of HR practitioners have the necessary strategic HR business partnering experience, knowledge and skills. Given the dire need for strategically inclined HR business leaders by organizations who are vying to win the war for talent and to brand themselves as Employers of Choice, herein lies a huge HR talent demand-supply gap.

The Artemis Difference

  • More Than Just Talent Acquisition Specialists

    Working closely with our partner firm Calent3, we have the strategic advantage of accessing a global career & talent management knowledge base and network of human capital solutions specialists. This provides us with a unique differentiation as compared to most other cookie-cutter recruitment firms.

    Through regular  engagement with the  private, public and non-profit sectors, including constant conversations with organizational & HR leaders, we continue to be kept abreast of industry trends including  local and global talent and human capital developments. At Artemis, we are more than just talent acquisition experts, we are passionate about human capital.

  • Partnering Business Leaders To Push The Human Capital Envelope

    We approach each client engagement from a strategic perspective. This means we take a long-term, strategic and sustainable approach in our conversations and talent acquisition solutions with our clients. Adopting a strategic & macro perspective while maintaining a sense of urgency coupled with operational excellence ensures we continue to be the talent acquisition partner of choice for clients globally.

  • Talent Acquisition – Human Resources

    Some of the Human Resources roles we focus on include:

    • Chief HR Officer
    • Head of HR (Global)
    • Snr VP, HR (Global)
    • Snr VP, HR (APAC)
    • Head of Talent Management
    • Snr HR Strategic Advisor
    • Snr HR Director (APAC)
    • HR Director (Corporate)
    • Snr Director (Compensation & Benefits)
    • Head of Learning & Development
    • Snr VP (Organizational Development)
Did you know?
  • 80% of business leaders feel that their organization lack the necessary HR practices to be employers of choice
  • 65% of non-HR respondents surveyed vs. 28% who are in HR roles see HR as a tactical role – A 2.3x difference in perception
  • Only 6% of non-HR respondents surveyed see HR as a strategic role as compared to 28% who are HR respondents – A 4.7x difference in perception
  • 53% of employers with a workforce of 25,000 or more are actively searching and hiring for HR positions