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Contract Placement

Contract Placement

Organizations today are seeking ways to improve efficiency and maintain a minimal yet optimal workforce size. This creates a challenge for organizations especially in industries where there are rapid cyclical peaks and troughs and also for organizations whose services are largely project based. This is compounded by the shortage of skilful and experienced talent to replace the gap faced when an individual retire.

Contract placement services has provided an alternative solution to organizations worldwide that are facing such challenges; allowing them to minimize cost, risk and allow greater flexibility in their manpower and talent needs. It also helps reduce high turnover rates by decreasing the high workload levels and burden on a permanent staff.

Contract placement also provides senior workforce with an option to remain actively engaged with the economy where their valuable knowledge, skills and experience can continue to be tapped and leveraged upon.

The Artemis Difference

  • Your Contract Workforce Partner

    A succesful contract staff engagement should not be a “place and forget” activity. As true business partners to our clients, we believe a successful engagement starts with understanding a client’s business and the dynamics of their talent & workforce needs. This is followed by regular engagement to review your needs allowing us to partner you in anticipating your mid to long term contract workforce needs.

  • Quality Candidates…Fast

    Organizations orientated around short to mid-term projects need to have access to quality candidates and they need them fast. The Artemis difference lies in our wide networks focused around key industries which we specialize in. Regular engagement with our pool of contract talent and continuous search for quality contractors translates to quality candiadates for our clients…fast.

  • Seamless Contractor Management

    Successful placement of a contractor is but one half of a successful contigent contractor engagement. Ensuring that the contractor receives the right support so that he can perform without undue concerns is pertinent to sustaining a successful contractor placement engagement. Artemis’s contigent workforce contractors are backed by our internal HR support team which ensures that our contractors has the proper HR support at all times.

Did you know?
  • 46% of companies would hire contractors as compared to 36% looking at direct hiring of permanent staff
  • 44% of the workforce classify themselves as free agents
  • 33% of “independent workers” are make up of Baby Boomers