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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences and Biotechnology sector is currently going through a major transitional phase. While most large biotech companies were able to survive difficult economic conditions (including the 2008/09 global financial crisis), companies continue to face challenges with government funding for the near-mid future as well as increasing regulatory pressures.

Firms poised to do well in this challenging environment will need to increase efficiency (including capital efficiency), a more robust R&D approach, faster go-to-market time frames and more creative frameworks for funding and partnership.

Research also shows that the industry is going through a massive talent crisis so much so that 75% of CEOs in life sciences & biotechnology firms are searching for talent in different sectors. While top and senior level talent pool is eroding, there is also a serious drain in new-entrant talent pool where only 10% of millennials continue to stay long-term in the industry compounded by the lack of necessary soft & technical skills/expertise.

There is a dire need for current and new leaders who are able to operate decisively in a dynamic and fast-changing environment, able to drive change & innovation while being able to relate and enthuse millenials.

The Artemis Difference

Bringing Industry Commercial Operations And Applications Specialization Into The Talent Acquisition Sphere

Our consultants bring with them decades of experience in the life sciences and biotechnology sector where they have held leadership, senior management and human capital leadership roles. This translates into an intimate understanding of this industry and strong networks built on decades of experience specializing in commercial operations or applications.

Talent Acquisition For The Life Sciences & Biotechnology Industry

Some of the roles we focus on in the life sciences & biotechnology industry include:

  • Associate Director, Clinical Development
  • Associate Director, Commercial Operations Marketing Director
  • Regional Business Director
  • Customer Care Director
  • Vice President – Service Solutions
  • Director – Regulatory Affairs
  • Head of Market Research
  • Senior Technical Service Manager (APAC)

Did you know?

  • 75% of CEOs are searching for mid-senior level talent in different sectors.
  • Workforce aging 50 and above have increased from 20% to 33%.
  • 51% of talents will consider to choose the organization if they are able to work with other knowledgeable talents.
  • 39% of talents consider the reputation of the organization as a deciding factor when faced between options.
  • Only 10% of millennials tend to stay long-term in the life sciences & biotechnology industry as compared to an average of 18% across all industries.
  • The life sciences & biotechnology sector is geared for more growth due to an increasing number of developments for new potential products and projects.
  • There is a critical need for talent with industry and government experience who are familiar with government regulations.
  • More research scientists are been asked to take on management roles with market development and financial bottom-line elements.