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Executive Search & Recruitment

With the escalating war for talent, the competition for top talent intensified. Many organizations find themselves increasingly challenged to hire the best talent. Click here to find out how we partner organizations to hire great talents.

Workforce Placement

As change becomes a new constant, organisations now face difficulties in developing a sufficiently flexible and responsive workforce. Workforce placement services serves as an alternative solution to organizations facing the aforementioned challenge; allowing great cost and time savings, greater flexibility and responsiveness to meet manpower needs in a competitive marketplace, especially in the midst of a skill shortage epidemic. Click here to find out how we deliver consistent and continuous quality placements whether it is 1 or 100 positions that needs to be filled within a short time span.

Contract Placement

In today’s fast paced and rapid changing context, the flexibility of the job market has become increasingly important as it allows businesses to move with the economic cycle and hire based on specific project. As such, organizations usually find themselves in a situation to look and hire talent for specific projects and specific periods of time. Click here to find out how we can help our client organizations on alleviating their short term staffing needs by achieving an optimal contingent workforce.

Onboarding Coaching

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, there is an urgent need for new hires to start performing and achieving full productivity fast. However, organizations are usually faced with a situation whereby their new executives fail within their first 18 month. Click here to find out how we partner with HR to address this challenge to ensure their new hires deliver results fast.

Executive Coaching

It is increasingly common for executives to take on bigger responsibilities and make important decisions in today’s corporate workplace. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to ensure that their leaders perform at 100% of their potential to help achieve sustainable business impact. Click here to find out how we partner our clients to maximize their talents’ performance and leadership potential.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership plays an important role in the success of all organization. An absence of effective leadership will not allow any organization to perform efficiently, and in worse case, it will make the organization fail. A major challenge faced by many organizations today is the lack of implementation to assess and evaluate leaders. Click here to find out how we partner HR to maximize their talent selection and development through a research based leadership and talent assessment.