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Information Technology & Telecommunication

Information Technology & Telecommunication

The Information Technology sector is an ever changing one and constantly in a state of flux. There has been greater volatility in recent times and we see this affecting both hardware and software companies. This translates to technology firms taking a deeper look at how they structure their organization and how they can raise financial performance.

Adding to their dilemma is the ever increasing siege of well-funded start-ups who are disrupting the market and other aggressive competitors. This has all translated into more demanding customers seeking more performance and features at a lower price. This volatility in turn has manifested into a sector which sees increasing attempted and consummated mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

From a human capital and talent perspective, research indicated that 83% of CEOs are worried about the availability of key skills not being able to keep up with the rapid technological change and 73% are already searching for talents in different geographies, industries and demographic segments.

The Artemis Difference

Strong Tech Industry Talent Networks

A typical Artemis tech sector search consultant comes with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, typically with vertical specialization and strong lateral industry exposure. This enables us to bring strong sector know-how in our search for talent; ultimately delivering desired results fast.

Staying At The Forefront of Technological Sector Developments

A critical element for tech sector talent acquisition is staying at the forefront of new developments and trends. Our tech sector practice is led by practice leaders and senior associates who are in constant conversations with industry leaders not just regarding sector trends, but also new organizational developments and human capital requirements.

Talent Acquisition For Information & Technological Industry

Some of the roles we focus on in the IT industry include:

  • Head of Operations and Technology
  • Head of Channel Sales
  • Vice President of Infrastructure, Operations and Support
  • Regional IT Director
  • Client Service Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Director of Marketing Solution
  • Director – Global Infrastructure Engineering
  • Head of Information Systems

Did you know?

  • 87% of CIOs are planning to increase their headcount
  • 83% of CEOs in the tech sector are worried that their workforce and relevant skillset is not able to keep pace with rapid technological changes.
  • 78% of tech companies are now looking for a broader range of skillsĀ  as compared to past years.
  • 73% of tech companies are searching for talent in different geographies, industries and demographic segments.
  • Demand for talent with cloud computing know-how is extremely high but the talent pool remains substantially low.