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Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

Globalization has become a part of the overall business growth strategy for many companies. Going ‘international’ has become the standard and logistic solution providers need to enable that trend. However, globalization has also contributed to the growth of complexity and risk in the management of supply chain.

This translates to a need for organizations to have a more comprehensive and integrated approach in which executives and leaders have to possess both strategic thinking and also strong tactical competencies to overcome complexity and risk associated with globalization. Leading manufacturers are using supply chain management (SCM) as a differentiating competency for their global business. The growth in Asia is led by the large economies of China and India and the countries of Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and South Asia.

Surveys show that 41% of CEOs think that the global economy will improve and correspondently the SCM and logistics industry. This is reinforced by 49% of CEOs who intend to increase their headcount in the next 12 months. However, 90% of executives highlighted talent acquisition and development as one of their top challenges they face.

The Artemis Difference

Headquartered In Singapore – One Of The World’s Largest Port & Trading Hub

Our global headquarters in Singapore gives us direct access to talent in one of the world’s largest port and trading hub. More importantly, it enables our SCM & logistic practice leaders to have constant conversations with sector specific  industry and human capital leaders on-the-ground and around the APAC region. Close working relationships with industry and government bodies also ensure that we keep abreast of current industry trends and developments, keeping us ahead of the talent acquisition curve.

Translating Decades of Sector Experience Into Talent Acquisition Expertise

Our SCM & logistics practice leaders and senior associates bring with them more than 100 years of combined SCM & logistics sector experience. It is this in-depth & practical knowledge of how the industry works combined with Artemis’ talent acquisition methodology that enable us to deliver desired results to clients.

Talent Acquisition For The Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Logistics Industry

Some of the roles we focus on in the SCM & Logistics industry include:

  • Director of Supplier Management
  • Head of Sales Support
  • Global Procurement Manager
  • Global Logistics Manager
  • Director – Business and Project Development
  • Associate Director – IT Audit
  • Director – Operations and Projects
  • Head of Global Commodity

Did you know?

  • 90% of executives highlighted talent acquisition and development as one of the top challenges they face when recruiting.
  • 49% of CEOs in the SCM & logistics industry intend to increase their headcount.
  • 43% of executives state that talent acquisition and development has become harder in the past two years, almost double as compared to 2011.
  • 33% of the workforce leaders in the SCM & logistics sector comprise of older managers between 55-64 years old; contributing to a workforce crunch and succession planning challenges.