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Workforce Placement

Organisations today seek to innovate and respond promptly to market dynamics. As change becomes a new constant, organisations now face difficulties in developing a sufficiently flexible and responsive workforce. More often than not, Human Resources is already overwhelmed by day-to-day peripheral processes, hence fail to respond efficiently to development, expansion or restructuring organisational decisions.

Workforce placement services serves as an alternative solution to organizations facing the aforementioned challenge; allowing great cost and time savings, greater flexibility and responsiveness to meet manpower needs in a competitive marketplace, especially in the midst of a skill shortage epidemic.

Artemis Workforce placement seeks to deliver consistent and continuous quality placements whether is it 1 or 100 positions that needs to be filled within a short time span.

The Artemis Difference

Your business partner in workforce solutions

Upholding our value in ‘Making a Difference’, Artemis seek to become your business partner in workforce solutions rather than treating each assignment as a one-off deal. At Artemis, we understand our client’s business and the dynamics of their workforce needs. Beyond the placement, we consistently review your needs and hence partner you with anticipation of future workforce needs.

Quality Candidates in a jiffy

With our vision in mind, we ensure that we stay well connected with industry contacts, regular effort in networking, talking to people from various industries we specialize in and also constantly combing the internet for talent and job seekers. Regular engagement with our pool of candidates translates to quality candidates for our client in a jiffy.

Did you know?

  • 96% of businesses in Singapore believe in their operations in the year ahead being impacted by the skill shortage epidemic
  • 96% of employers in Singapore are still struggling to source for individuals that match their workforce needs.