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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

As organizations demand more from their top executives and managers, a cookie cutter approach is no longer sufficient.  A customized and more personal approach is increasingly becoming sought after in development programs for top executives and managers. Enter the Executive Coach.

To truly achieve sustainable business impact, organizations have adopted executive coaching as part of their leadership & management development initiatives.

Research on Fortune 1,000 MNCs who engaged executive coaching services revealed that most were VP level or higher, 60% aged between 40 – 49, 33% earned $200K/annum or more and coaching lasted between 6 -12 months.

Executive coaching has numerous benefits including:

  • Providing a focused and personal approach that is fully customized to the developmental needs of the coachee. An executive coaching program provides more engagement opportunity between coach and coachee to examine unique challenges, performance roadblocks and development resources needed to address action plan items necessary for success.
  • Research shows an almost 8x return for every dollar invested in executive coaching. In addition, organizations also reported 53% in improved productivity, 32% increase in the retention rate of executives who received coaching and 22% in bottom line profitability.
  • A well structured executive coaching program will also compliment the organization’s talent development & retention strategy; reinforcing the organization’s branding as employer of choice.

The Artemis Difference

Experienced & Accredited Coaches

Through our partner firm Calent3, our coaches we bring with us more than 200 years of combined career & executive coaching experience. A typical Artemis-Calent3 executive coach has at least 10 years of leadership and/or management experience, coupled with many years of industry and/or functional specific experience.  To ensure consistency and a high level of quality in all coaching engagements, all Artemis- Calent3 coaches go through a structured accreditation program and relevant behavioral/psychometric certification before any coaching engagement.

Time-Tested & Proven Program Structure

The Artemis-Calent3 executive coaching program was designed with one aim in mind; to achieve transformational results. Incorporating a 6-step coaching process, a close tripartite partnership is formed between coach, coachee and the client (very often the coachee’s manager). An elaborate data & information collection process is conducted to measure current state and culminating in the formation of a developmental action plan. This is followed by reviews with client and coachee followed by on-going coaching support by the coach to examine various areas including performance issues, obstacles, solutions, knowledge & skill gaps over the program duration. Lastly, we conduct a measurement of key result areas followed by a review of the program. This hands-on and structured approach ensures that there is a high level of engagement and service for the client and coachee. Click here to learn more about executive coaching services.

Strong Support Network

With more than 50 coaches worldwide, the Artemis-Calent3 network of executive and career coaches is one of the largest coaching networks globally. Supported by Calent3’ specialists in leadership & workforce development, career transition & management, organizational effectiveness and HR transformation, an Artemis-Calent3 executive coaching engagement is supported by a group of human capital and talent development specialists, bringing with it an unparalleled level of specialists support and value add.

Did you know?

  • Coaching produced a 529% return of investment and significant intangible benefits to the business
  • 90% of the organizations have offered executive coaching to their leaders and executives
  • Coaching resulted in 77% improvement in relationships, 67% enhancement in teamwork, 61% increased in job satisfaction, 51% improvement in productivity and 48% growth in work quality
  • 86% of companies used coaching to develop the competencies of an employee who are identified as potential organizational leaders
  • 70% of them intends to increase or maintain the use of coaching